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Fuschion has long been dedicated to sharing techniques and tools to help others bring their imaginations to life. Our mantra is competition breeds improvement. So put your egos aside don’t be scared to learn from others. We’ve been tutoring and educating creatives for nearly 10 years, and have recently opened our windows to accommodate long-distance inquirers. We offer one-on-one, in person and online workshops where we help you with everything from lighting to planning, sketching to retouching, marketing and more. We’ll soon be opening our studio doors for larger workshops and giving local creatives a space to do the things they can’t do elsewhere. But in the meantime, we’re always looking for eager creatives to work with.



One on One Photography Training

Fuschion offers one-on-one retouching and lighting training, portfolio reviews, marketing advice, and more. Learn how to go from concept to finalizing your images and marketing them. Online or in-person, our goal is to, honestly, make the world prettier to look at. If we can help photographers get better, that gives us more beauty to look at. And after all, isn’t that why we makes things in the first place?


Sotware Training

What most of our visitors don’t know is that Fuschion’s background is actually in CGI and Digital Art. For nearly ten years, I’ve been an adjunct instructor and private tutor on everything from Photoshop and Lightroom to Zbrush, MODO, and other 3D software packages, and even sound production. With a wide array of background experience, we can help you learn to digital paint, sculpt, model, render, and more for commercial and personal work.


Judith Riccardo

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