30 Days With the Canon 85mm 1.4

I recently got my hands on Canon's brand new 85mm 1.4 lens, and after 30 days, I've come to the conclusion that this lens is...sharp! As part of an unsponsored, personal review, I simply had to express my pleasure with this thing.

It does get a bit of chromatic abberation in harsh lighting conditions as the glass is so wide, but it's nothing you can't correct in Photoshop. At 1.4, it's definitely the fastest lens I've owned, and by far the most razor sharp piece of glass I've personally experienced. The image stabilizer has on a few occasions already, locked up on me while removing it and swapping lenses, but it locks back in very quickly when mounted. Tried under various, polarizing lighting conditions, it was predictably reliable and consistent, which is a positive. The color it produces is phenomenal, especially when using the right lighting tools. For all of the images shown, we used two Profoto B1's, along with the Canon 6D, and 85mm 1.4. 

Enjoy a few shots from the past month: